What Are Survey Sites?

Unlike the surveys that most people are familiar with--the ones where the survey tells you which city in the World is best suited for your lifestyle, or which celebrity you are most like. So what are survey sites?

Survey sites are designed to connect consumers with companies which are looking to conduct survey panels in order to better understand their customers. In exchange for their time, survey site members, receive payment, in the form of gift cards, products, or checks they can cash for actual currency. The amount members are able to earn is not big, but it is commensurate with the effort needed to earn the rewards.

Market research is a very important aspect of running a business, especially one that deals nationally or internationally. For these types of businesses having access to consumers who are current or potential clients is invaluable, and that is why these companies are willing to pay for the time people put in to complete surveys. The surveys are designed to determine things such as the buying preferences of a certain demographic group, or the reaction consumers have to a certain type of product. This data is then used to improve the offerings from the companies conducting surveys. The intermediary companies conducting the surveys send invitations to their members whose information closely matches the demographics for which their customers are looking, potentially getting the most relevant group of consumers for a specific survey panel.

The basic process of what a survey site does is simple, but there are details which are worth knowing if someone plans on signing up for a membership with one or more such sites.

Paid or incentivized survey sites are plentiful, some offering legitimate opportunities for consumers to take part in survey panels, and others are just a means of taking money and personal information from trusting members. To learn more about this issue, you can read our tutorial on how to avoid survey scams.