Which Paid Survey Sites Are Legitimate

Taking online paid surveys is quickly becoming one of the most popular and easy ways to make some extra money. Someone who is just getting started in the paid survey industry is quickly going to be overwhelmed by a number of sites that offer paid surveys.

Like anything on the internet that attracts a large number of people, scams and other illegitimate sites attempt to lure in under informed people. These sites normally pose as a legitimate paid survey site, either steal money or have no intention of paying the users their earned money.

Although a lot of scam sites exist, there are still many established and well known legitimate paid survey sites.

Distinguishing Between a Scam and Honest Site

Distinguishing between legitimate and scam paid survey websites can be very hard, but there are a few small ways to tell the difference.

The biggest and easiest give away is if money is asked for upfront.

Never pay any type of an application fee, account creation fee, or upfront cost to use a paid survey site. This is always 100% a scam. A legitimate survey site will never ask for any type of payment as these sites are getting paid for people to take as many surveys as possible. It is to their advantage to have as many people sign up and take surveys.

Another common scam is having a minimum payout level so high that it is almost impossible to achieve.

These types of scams are a little harder to detect as scam sites tend to hide this number from those who are signing up to their site. Digging through FAQ's and customer support may yield this number. Some paid survey sites even attempt to hide minimum payout amounts in their terms and conditions, knowing that many people do not check this section of a website.

Legitimate survey sites are normally very transparent about the amount of money that needs to be earned before being able to cash out. These figures are normally promoted by legitimate survey sites and can most commonly be found on the signup page or FAQs.

Simply put, legitimate survey sites will not ask for anything because the more users that join their site and take surveys, the more money these sites make. Remember, trust your gut. If something seems to be shady or too good to be true, stay away!

Characteristics of Legitimate Paid Survey Sites

To recap the already stated points, legitimate survey sites require no upfront payment and offer reasonable payout minimums.

Expanding on the payouts, Legitimate survey sites tend to have very fast payouts, with funds being paid in 1-3 days. If the site offers gift cards, the payout rate will normally be 24 hours or less. SurveyJunkie.com even offers a redemption systems where rewards are sent instantly!

Your privacy should be of utmost importance when dealing with any company and a privacy policy should be available. Most legitimate survey sites specifically ask when signing up if you have read and agree to the privacy policy (Never skip this step!). What companies do with your information is very important!

The final and sometimes most important characteristic are the reviews that are available about the site. If there are a lot of positive reviews that specifically talk about payments received, the site can be considered legitimate. If little to no information can be found, or reviews are overwhelmingly negative, the survey site may not be legitimate.

Performing in-depth research is the first and most crucial step to complete before signing up and using a paid survey site. Good research will quickly determine if a paid survey site is legitimate or not.

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