How does the process work?

Once you sign up for an account with a survey site, you will have to go through a questionnaire which will, in the future, help match you with survey panels. Once this process is completed, you can sign up for surveys and start receiving matches in your email box. At that point, you can take the surveys, and be compensated once the completed survey has been accepted.

How long is each survey?

Surveys can be as short as just several questions, to as long as dozens of questions. Depending on the complexity and length of the survey, the pay amount will vary.

How often will I be able to cash out?

Survey sites generally set a minimum amount for the earnings before you can cash out but the minimum is relatively small, so you can cash out after having gone through several surveys. Do keep in mind that this is just a general guide, and the threshold is different for each survey company.

How many surveys will I receive each month?

There are no minimum or maximum number of surveys that any survey company can promise. The third-party firms which are using the research capabilities of the survey sites have changing needs and requirements, and depending on what is needed and based on profile matches, members of survey sites receive invitations to panels.

How much money can I earn by taking surveys?

This is the most common question that comes up when potential members are looking for survey taking opportunities. The reality is that the amount of money that is possible to earn through this avenue is not much. You may be able to earn enough to see a movie during one month, or enough to buy a little something for yourself, but it certainly cannot replace a regular job, and will most certainly not make you rich.

How will my profile information be used?

Your profile information is used to match you up with available surveys. Legitimate survey companies will not sell your personally identifiable data to third parties, so do read the privacy policy of survey sites that you are considering for such details.