Beginner's Guide

There are some basic things that you need to keep in mind when starting on your journey to become a survey junkie. We have compiled this guide to help you along when delving into the world of survey taking.

Sign Up for The Right Type of Survey Site

As you conduct your research, you will come across survey sites that charge a fee for membership or a list of survey sites. These are the sites you should avoid. The high quality and legitimate survey sites do not require any kind of payment from their members.

Another option you will come across is the survey company directory. These are basically websites which have a list of survey companies which they are willing to share with you in exchange for some personal information. This is not the way to go. Find the sites that are research companies, and not just a directory of other firms.

Protect Your Privacy

Any legitimate website will have a privacy policy page, so make sure that once you have found a survey site that you are considering for membership, it is important to read their privacy policy and understand how your personal information will be used. Do not sign up with any company if their privacy policy makes you feel uncomfortable or uneasy.

You may also come across survey sites which require a software installation on your computer in order to track your web activity. Our suggestion is that you stay away from such sites, because not only will this process reveal an immense amount of private information about your life, but it also has the potential of infecting your computer with spyware or malware.

You Have Picked a Survey Site, Now What?

Once you have selected a survey site with which you are comfortable doing business, you will need to sign up for membership and complete your profile. The signing up part is easy, and is like most any other web service, which will require an email address. Once signed up you will be asked to complete a profile. This is how the survey companies match you up with survey panels, so it is important to be as thorough as possible, otherwise you will either get rejected from the selection process, or will have a tough time getting matched up with panels.

Learn About the Payment Options

There are variety of ways that survey companies compensate their members. Some pay in cash, and others pay in gift cards, or products. None of these are bad options, but make sure you know how their compensation process works before becoming a member, so that you can make certain you will be happy with the method of payment.

Once you have gone through a few survey panels, check your account balance to proper compensation for your time and efforts.

Set Up a Dedicated Email

As is the nature of making money with surveys, you will receive a lot of emails with survey offers, so as to not clog up your personal email box. In order to avoid this problem, it is recommended that the email used for the survey site be a dedicated account, which you can set up on any of the free email services available like Google, Yahoo, or Outlook.

Now that you know the basics of making money through online surveys, head on to the list of best online survey sites and see if you can find a good fit.